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Local Rules and Regulations and Guidelines

Most Denver Metro Area Parks and Schools

  • Metal Detecting in most of the Denver Metro area parks and schools is permitted.
  • Detecting school yards during normal school hours is highly is highly discouraged.
  • Please fill in all holes made during the extraction of a target.
  • If the target is too deep to remove without damage to the sod, leave it.
  • Pick up and remove all trash that is dug and keep the site clean.
  • Endeavor to leave no trace of a target extraction.
  • If asked to leave by an official in an area you belive to be open, please be courteous and leave, but please get the name and number of the person and noticy the Eureka Board so we may take the matter up with the proper officials.

The following jurisdictions have special rules and regulations:

City of Denver Rules

  • Metal Detecting in the City Denver Parks is permitted.
  • The removal of detectable items must be done with only a ground probe or srewdriver.
  • The use of hand trowels and shovels is prohibited and will not be tolerated as this activity can damage the turf.
  • If anyone witnesses uninformed detectorists violating these restrictions you are asked to call Park Rangers to report the activity.
  • Program your cell phone to call the Rangers at 303-880-0529 for immediate response and 303-331-4050 otherwise.

City of Wheatridge Regulation

  • Metal Detecting in Wheatridge Parks is currently prohibited.

Douglas County Open Space Regulations

  • Metal Detecting in Douglas County Open Space is currently prohibited.
  • Please check for signs in the parks in Douglas County as they may be zoned as Open Space.

Colorado State Park Rules and Regulations

  • It is prohibited to remove, destroy, mutilate, modify or deface any structure, water control device, poster, notice, sign or marker, tree, shrub or other plant or vegetation, including dead timber and forest litter, or any object of archaeological, geological, historical, zoological or natural/environmental value or interest on Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands. (This regulation does not include removal of firewood from designated firewood areas, noxious weeds as defined by statute, or recreational gold mining within the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, except where prohibited as indicated by posted signs.). Click here to read the Rules and Regulations for State Parks
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